The Best buns in town

 When you walk into Achatz Burgers in Macomb the old Vintage BSA 441 hanging from the ceiling might be the first thing that catches your eye; but once you bite into that juicy burger on a warm, fresh baked bun, you will leave with a smile-planning your next visit.
     All natural ingredients and the food he cooks for his family are what owner, Russell Achatz, wanted to bring back when he opened his first store in St Clair Shores over five years ago where he ran a successful business until his lease expired and is looking to relocate his St. Clair Shores location in a spot better suited to serve his loyal Shores customers.  Now he wants to share with the patrons on Hall Road in Macomb. Customers can expect a clean, retro GO's inspired atmosphere while enjoying all natural hamburgers, hand cut French fries, and old fashioned shakes and malts.
     Serving up fresh and tasty hamburgers is nothing new to Achatz. His family has been cooking them at their restaurants for over 50 years!  Achatz's parents, Frank Robert Achatz, better known as Rink, and Margaret Jean Achatz opened the first Achatz Restaurant in August of 1967 in Marine City.  Hot beef dinners, hamburgers, homemade soups and chili, were just a couple of items they specialized in while using the highest quality and freshest ingredients available.
     As a young boy, Achatz's job was to pick up the hamburger meat form the local butcher shop, Zimmerman's Meat Market. "that was what began my fascination with hamburgers," he recalls.  "I used to walk into the butcher shop and watch the meat get broken down."

After a couple years in business, Achatz's father Rink sold his Marine City restaurant and moved the Achatz name to Algonac.  He opened Achatz Restaurant in 1970 and passed away six months later leaving the business to his wife and eight children.  The name was later changed to Margaret Jeans Place.


The Achatz family has been serving the best burgers for 50 years and plan on keeping the tradition going for another 150!

Margaret Jean Achatz checking up on her son at his store in Macomb! 

Our Story

     Sitting a quarter mile up from the Harsen's Island ferry in Algonac, Margaret Jean's Place was in business for 45 years, recently closing in 2013, with Margaret Jean in the kitchen "cooking the way she would for her family."
  Achatz says his mother, a frequent customer of Achatz Burgers, encouraged him to do two things: "keep the quality of food to the highest standards possible and keep your restaurant clean." After seeing Achatz 
Burgers, there is no arguing that the place in spotless! Achatz also insists on freshness with his all natural ground beef, all natural buns that are baked fresh daily, and several handmade menu choices.

     Achatz's business plan is simple: No coupons, no gimmicks, no tipping; simply high quality food at a fair price! Stop in his new store on Hall Road and Romeo Plank in Macomb to treat your family to the all natural food your grandparents grew up on!

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